Natasha Lumsden, Jean M Nelson
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Celebrating the creative vision of today’s emerging artists from all ethnicities at Cinema Village, the American Asian Latino Film Festival NYC not only bought to us screening of various sensible films and music videos but also gave us a window to admire the different looks people carried with great elan. Here are some of my favorites from the show:

  1. The Blue Duo!

We loved the coupled pairing of Blue. It was so obvious that they made the most dazzling couple on the carpet. They told me they had color co-ordinated for the event. The coat worn by Jean M Nelson is a style inspiration for men, whereas the dress worn by Natasha Lumsden highlights every inch of femininity.

Natasha Lumsden is an actress, writer and executive producer, and Jean M Nelson is the director known for The Passion of Love (2018). The Passion of Love is a story about the spirit of two lovers who met in a past life and are trying to make their way into the 21 st century.

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