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                                            CEO, Writer’s, Producer





Natasha Lumsden was born in Jamaica, she migrated to United State at a young age. She worked in the medical field for 6 years, however, she wanted to offer more of knowledge to the world, so she decided to have a career change, where she could write and share her own ideas with the general public. Natasha helped co-writer her first full feature film “The Passion Of Love” Her love for movies help inspired her to Produce Films. But not just to produce films,  but to create story everyone can enjoy. She is also the CEO / Owner of  Media Vision Films Production.

She’s a New upcoming Producer, writer, and co-director trying to make her mark in the Film industry. 

The Passion Of Love film is a Platinum Award Winner Best Feature Film by Hollywood Film Competition for 2019.

The Passion Of Love film is also an award winner Best Feature Film by Hollywood Forever Film Festival for 2019

                                                                      In 2020 to 2021 Natasha wrote a film call The Wonders of The Witches.

                                                                                 The Story is written by Natasha Lumsden and Jean M Nelson

                                                                                                     Directed by Jean M Nelson


The Wonders of the Witches is Media Vision Films Productions first short film Series, The Production says it’s one of several film is expecting to come soon. In conversation with the Director he reveal that the series film will be one of many the production will Produce. He continued by  saying The Wonder Of The Witches will be one of several frictional movie that is yet to come.

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