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The Wonders of the witches  is a short film Series and a fantasy Fictional movie presented by Media Vision Films. The film is based around three witches, Octanium the dark demon witch who seek the Ikalan Crystal to release her brother from the underworld. Gladys who doesn’t now she is a witch and have a power hidden deep within her waiting to be release. Isabella who is already a witch but is not powerful enough to defeat the dark sorcerer witch and her brother. So she will try to help Gladys to release her power to defeat the dark Demon sorcerer witch call Octanium and her brother Gambal.

The Story is written by Natasha Lumsden and Jean M Nelson Directed by Jean M Nelson The Wonders of the witches is Media Vision Films Productions first short film Series. In conversation with the Director he reveal that the series film will be one of many the production will Produce. He continued by  saying The Wonder Of The Witches will be one of several frictional movie that is yet to come. He have several new Friction/Fantasy project Written and can’t wait to share them with the world.

Winner Of BEST FANTASY Short Film by The World Distribution Award films festival in June 2021


The Wonders Of The Witches also an AWARD WINNER of the 12th edition of Accord Cine Fest 2021 

for best Best Thriller Short. 


Writer’s, Natasha Lumsden and Jean M Nelson 
Director, Jean M Nelson

Streaming now on

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The Wonders Of The Witches
LEAD actor’s Natasha Lumsden, Shakesha Darring, Nashika Lumsden
Natasha Lumsden

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