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DIRECTOR EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CINEMATOGRAPHER EDITOR ​Executive Producer, Award Winner Writer/Director of the film

A native of Haiti, currently Living in NJ, he’s a Musician/Composer, Audio Engineering, Filmmaker, Storyteller, Film editor, Cinematographer/ Photographer. He studies, music, films, and Photography. Born In June 1976, he is a multi-talented individual, He writes both films and music. Has a photographer he sees the world with different lenses, and has a cinematographer, he views and captures with his own imagination. Jean M Nelson views the world through different eyes than most because of his life experience.

He has just completed his first full feature film call ” The Passion Of Love. This film was directed and co-written by Jean M Nelson, was released in October 2018. Now Shooting  one of the new movie project call ” The Wonders Of The Witches ” Soon to be released.

The Passion Of Love film is a Platinum Award Winner Best Feature Film by Hollywood Film Competition for 2019.

The Passion Of Love film is also an award winner Best Feature Film by Hollywood Forever Film Festival for 2019

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Instagram: @jean.m.nelson

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Natasha helped co-writer her first full feature film “The Passion Of Love” Her love for movies help inspired her to Produce Films
Natasha Lumsden

CEO, Writer, Producer, Actress