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Media Vision Films is one of the biggest
studio in Hollywood. We provide
solutions that make sense

Natasha Lumsden, CEO, Producer, Writer, Actress, She co-writer her first full feature film “The Passion Of Love” Her love for movies help inspired her to Produce Films. But not just to produce films, but to create story everyone can enjoy. She is also written " THE WONDERS OF THE WITCHES with co-writer Jean M Nelson

Natasha Lumsden

CEO of Media Vision Films LLC

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Media Vision Films LLC

specialize in short and feature films. Romance, Drama, Action, Fiction and Nonfiction. At Media Vision Films we aim to amaze our viewers with the wonders of the past, present, and future

Our focus is to produce films that inspire people to be more passionate in terms of “intimacy” or in their own ways. We also want to demonstrate the importance of accepting culturally different ways of lives

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Joevany Nelson

Music Producer, ANIMATOR

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