Media Vision Films and Royal Productions soon to release there new movie call " THE WONDERS OF THE WITCHES


The Wonders of the witches is a short film and a Fictional movie. The film is based around three witches, Octanium the dark demon witches who seek the Ralkan  Crystal to release her brother from the underworld. Gladys who doesn’t now she is a witch and have a power hidden deep within her. Isabella who is a high witches but she is not powerful enough to defeat the demon on our own. So she will help Gladys to release her power to defeat the dark demon witch octanium

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Our mission is to provide great services to our clients, for both commercial and private entities. Each project will be closely treated as if they were our own. Thank you and we look forward with working with you in the near future

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We Provided Academy cinema color grading both for films and videos. Using the latest technology from

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We are a Motion Picture Production, we specialize in short and feature films, photography and video editing. Some of our services cover Movies, Weddings, Music videos, and Video Commercial advertisements

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One of the best Film Studio theme I’ve ever seen. Great team work, amazing leader from our productions teams, amazing crew smooth run and excellent support. Great work you havedone. Congratulation guys
Natasha Lumsden

Ceo, Producer, Writer, Actress

Great Productions to work, amazing team, and excellent support. Great team, fun to work, respectful. Thank you


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